Music with a Message


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Listen with your Heart........

Rocky Mountain Majestic Music is dedicated to original Christian Music. "Music With A Message".
I hope all of those that are willing to listen will enjoy the music, and that the music will have an impact and bless you. Music can comfort, help, teach, bring joy, happiness, excitement, encouragment, renew, hope, inspire, connect, move you, invoke study, raise you up and help you to draw closer to the Lord.
It can also give you peace, serenity, and can help a person to have a deep connection to God
To God alone be the glory.


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About RM3
About RM3

For me, it's all about doing what I feel is God's will for my life and to share what he has given me. The gift of music, that is all about him. The gifts he gives us are never ment to be kept to ourself, but to be shared, regardless of what someone may think about the quality. Just be obedient and let him decide how he wants to use them, for his purpose, for his glory. It may only help one person or millions. It's up to him. Keep it in his hands. 

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Singer Songwriter 6 Contest
Original Music

RM3 took 5th in Fan Voting in the Songwriter 6 contest and we want to Thank everyone for their support!

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